Nutrition during Breastfeeding

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Guest blogger: Wendy Wright, is the founder and lactation consultant of the 16 Minute Club.

"Should I continue to take my prenatal vitamin after delivery, to support my nutrition during breastfeeding?"  This is a question I answer quite frequently and my answer is always the same.  Yes! However, I may add a new suggestion to my answer after studying and reviewing Bundle Organics, the new organic prenatal beverage. 

To meet increased nutrition needs during lactation, breastfeeding women need more energy and vitamins.  Some vitamins and minerals are needed in even higher amounts than during pregnancy, including some B vitamins, and vitamins A and C. Folate is another important nutrient that lactating women need.  Folate is excreted in breast milk and if the mother isn’t getting enough for both herself and her baby, her body will pull from her own stores to ensure there is enough in the breast milk – putting her at risk of folate deficiency.  

Since prenatal vitamins provide higher amounts of folate, it’s a good idea to continue taking them throughout lactation.  Or, if desired, a regular multi-vitamin can be taken plus an additional folate supplement.  Bundle Organics offers a fresh new way to increase folate intake; one serving contains 55% of recommended daily values. 

It’s also important to remember to get 1,000 mg of calcium each day from calcium-rich foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and dark green leafy vegetables.  An additional calcium supplement containing 500 mg of calcium or a Bundle Organics beverage would both be good to have on hand for a day when mom’s consumption of calcium rich foods has been limited.  The typical prenatal vitamin usually contains only 200 mg of calcium. 

I also like the idea that Bundle Organics can help mom remain hydrated, making breastfeeding more comfortable for her body. 

Overall, no matter how moms do it – the right nutritional balance will help mom and baby thrive throughout pregnancy and lactation.  The 16 Minute Club is excited to offer discount codes in our pre-natal boxes for Bundle Organics juices – feel free to enjoy them during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.  


The 16 Minute Club is the one-and-only home-delivery lactation support program focused on helping new nursing mothers meet their breastfeeding goals.  The 16 Minute Club subscription breastfeeding program provides support and resources based on baby’s developmental milestones.  As baby changes, breastfeeding suggestions, tools and tips should change as well to support every woman’s breastfeeding goals. 

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