An Interview with Supplet Founder Jessica Munroe

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Tell us about the Supplet story.  What inspired you to create Supplet? 

I have always wanted to make a profound difference in people’s lives which is why I left my finance career and pursued careers in the healthcare and the natural products arenas. Working in these industries made me realize just how frightening the statistics are for so many health problems that may be avoided by practicing healthy habits. I started eating organic food and cleaned up my skincare routine by carefully choosing organic and natural skin products. 

My ‘aha’ moment for creating Supplet came to me when I wanted to put together a thoughtful and creative baby shower gift basket for one my pregnant friends. However, I found myself getting frustrated searching for all natural, organic and helpful luxurious products to not only make her pregnancy experience healthy, but positively impact the health of her child in the long run (while putting together a beautifully presented gift). I had to do a lot of research and place special orders for the products I wanted to get her. Pregnancy and pre pregnancy are arguably the most important times to keep your body as healthy as possible. That being said, there was no way I was going to gift my friend a skin care cream off her registry that was filled with chemicals or even think of buying her baby a toy filled with plastic and toxins. Anyway, my friend loved her gift basket and still uses most of the products I gave her a year ago.  

How do you decide what products to put in your pregnancy boxes? 

At Supplet, we leverage resources including the EWG "Skin Deep" database on the safety of cosmetics, and do our research to introduce our subscribers to exceptional products that are safer, healthier & better than conventional alternatives. The ingredients in the food products we offer have been scrutinized by our panel of wellness experts and real moms. We carefully select the most appropriate products for each month of pregnancy; someone in month one will receive a very different box from someone in their last month of pregnancy. However, all of the products can be used well after pregnancy and all of the products are wonderful.

You must be quite a product expert since you vet through so many products!  What are your top five favorite products for expecting moms? 

Oh that’s a tough question as I have so many products that I love. Here are my top five favorites that are great for pregnancy and post pregnancy.

  1. Preggie Pops with Vitamin B - These organic pops saved me during the first trimester. Although I was lucky that I did not have morning sickness I did often feel light headed – and the preggie pops helped me out big time.  In addition, the Preggie Pops also provide quick calories and energy during labor.
  2. Nine Naturals Shampoo & Conditioner - This luxurious, sulfate-free shampoo perks up my hair and my mood with the bright scents of lemon, lime and soothing peppermint.
  3. Bundle Organics Juices – Delicious and nutritious juices that help me stay hydrated. 
  4. Erba Organics Foot and Leg Refresher – This lotion helps anyone care for tired, stressed legs and feet.  It’s amazing.
  5. Soapwalla Resilience Pregnant Belly Oil - This is a luxurious blend of ingredients that nourishes the skin and senses while simultaneously encouraging collagen regeneration, alleviating stretch marks, and soothing itchy, stretching skin.

Where can I get these products?

Most of these products will be sold on our ecommerce store by early summer. In the meantime, Supplet can place special orders on boxes that allow the customer to choose what kind of products they would like – email for more information. You can also contact each vendor directly on their website and place an order.

What is your favorite part about being pregnant?

Aside from the excitement of becoming a mom, I really like that my hair and nails have gotten stronger. 

What is the worst part about being pregnant? 

It’s harder to work out. I have always loved staying active but I find myself tiring more easily now (and my growing belly makes moving around quickly a little more challenging). Plus I had to give up the sports that require a helmet, like biking and skiing. 

What was the best gift you received during your pregnancy?  

I got myself a gift card to a prenatal yoga class series at Charlestown Yoga in Boston. Nothing like the gift of yoga!  The Supplet team is evaluating various prenatal yoga DVDs  to include in our boxes; please let us know if you have any recommendations!   


Jessica Munroe is the founder of Supplet, a healthy pregnancy marketplace, community and monthly gift box service for pregnant women and new moms.  Follow Jessica on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  

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