Our Brooklyn Neighbors: An Interview with Dawn & Tara from Rattled Expo

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Bundle Organics is so excited to be part of the Rattled Brooklyn Baby Expo this upcoming weekend.  While other baby expos exist, this event emphasizes on local and handmade goods and services, and eco-friendly, organic or alternative (non-mainstream) products. Meet Dawn and Tara - the movers and shakers behind Rattled Expo.



1. Please tell us a little bit about yourselves and what inspired you to create Rattled?

We’re both Brooklyn transplants. I’m (Tara) an upstate NY native and Dawn is from the Bay Area. We met while working at an indie magazine, BUST, and both took part in producing cool indie craft shows there. We each eventually moved on to pursue other dreams, I’m the owner of Dea + Bean, an invitations + social stationery shop and Dawn has gone on to do event planning and coordination. The idea for Rattled is somewhat of a spin-off of Toasted, a non-traditional indie wedding show that we produce as well. It’s a uniquely hip wedding event for savvy, free-spirited, indie-minded couples seeking a more personal, more unique, and more whimsical experience while planning their wedding.  The show was a bigger hit than we ever could have hoped for. As we started to see our own friends settle down and have kids, we realized that many of the same couples who attended Toasted eventually go on to have families of their own. They are still the same savvy, eco-conscious shopper, just now with offspring. There are in fact other baby and family shows in NYC, but they cost anywhere from $800-$2000 to participate in as a vendor. This completely locks out small businesses. We created Rattled Expo not only as a resource for local families looking for unique, stylish products and local services such as schools, nannies, and doulas... but it is also an opportunity for small independent companies to grow their business.

2. You guys seem to be in-the-know on all the cool, non-mainstream products. What are your top 3 tips or products for expecting moms and babies?  

  • Avenue G Kids makes the cutest, sassiest baby and kid clothes. Our favs are the sweatshirt that reads "Young and in Charge" and the tee that reads "#MILKTHIEF"
  • Carriage House Birth is a collective of prenatal and postpartum doulas in Williamsburg that provide support and classes for breastfeeding, childbirth and even yoga. They have space located right in Williamsburg that provides pregnant and new moms a safe place to learn and find support.  
  • Home Grown Books is a careful collaboration of reading specialists and local artists. They produce books by paring vivid artwork and simple storylines that will engage early readers and encourage curiosity. All their books are printed in NYC using recycled paper and vegetable inks. 

3. What are your favorite prenatal spots in NYC/Brooklyn?

  • Caribou Baby offers great baby shopping as well as classes for new moms
  • Transmitter Park is the most beautiful park with waterfront views
  • Carriage House Birth is an amazing doula collective

4. Can you tell us a little bit more about your event on August 24th in Brooklyn?
Our event is unique in that it will combine family fun with valuable resources. We have 40 vendors which will include businesses who specialize in new and vintage clothing, skincare, handmade toys, doctors, schools, nannies and sitters, language/art lessons, diaper services, meal deliveries and more! We will also have an open juice bar provided by the amazing Bundle Organics, and free face painting from Brooklyn Balloon Company. We also have a ton of raffle giveaways. Attending Rattled Expo is not only going to be a fun day out with the family, but a valuable resource of local services expectant and new parents will want to learn about.

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