Six Tips for Great Maternity Shots

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One of the fun things to do when you are pregnant is to take maternity photographs as a keepsake for years to come. Read on for some tips on how to create the best photos – not only will you cherish it forever, but so will your family, friends and baby.  

1. When to take it: Schedule the shots when you are about 30 weeks pregnant. Your belly will have a nice full shape, but your bump wouldn't be too heavily pregnant to feel confident about your shape.

2. Who to find: Find a photographer who you feel comfortable with. Feeling confident and natural around the photographer usually brings the best in you, especially if you may be feeling self-conscious with your bump. You can have your spouse or friend take the photos, or find a photographer whose style you love. Artists with great talent can help brainstorm ideas that add major “wow” to your pictures. So shop around, check out their website and portfolios, or even go meet them in person to see if they are a good fit.

3. Where to do the shoot: While some expecting moms prefer to take maternity shots outside, some might prefer staying at home. If you are posing at home, make sure to select a location where the photographer can get enough lighting. It's best to turn off the flash for indoor shots, so find locations near natural sunlight. If you are going for an outdoor shot, choose a location with vibrant greens or an incredible natural landscape. However, remember to avoid shots taken in the midday sun. It’s best to aim for either early in the morning or around sunset.


4. What to wear:  Since the whole point is to capture your beautiful bump, pick something lightweight and stretchy that makes your belly stand out. It’s best not to wear maternity clothes for these shots because they usually hide the bump rather than flatter your shape. Avoid clothes that are too stylized. You’ll want to be able to look back at these pictures in 10 or 20 years and still think they look great. While stylized clothes can get outdated, solid color and neutrals are timeless. Or, try a dress made out of chiffon to add on the pure feeling of creating a new life.

5. What to bring: In addition to choosing a good outfit, bringing props can also add personal elements to your shots. Bring items that have personal attachment to you – toys, accessories and wedding veils – while some simply make the shot more artistic, others serve to highlight a beautiful memory of yours that reflect who you are and what you believe. These are the elements that help personalize the photos.

6. Make it a family affair: You may want to consider snapping a few frames with your spouse, children, and family pets. Group shots are a great way to show how your family is sharing in the joy of your pregnancy and this very special time before baby’s arrival.





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