Our Top 5 Fave Pregnancy Apps

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Did you know that there are a variety of mobile apps out there suited specifically for your needs throughout your pregnancy? Checkout our top 5 fave pregnancy apps and why you need them on your phone to help you on-the-go.

1. Baby Names: This app was created by Sevenlogics Inc. and American Baby. You can search over 30,000 names with criteria such as spelling, meaning, origin and/or gender. Not only can you learn each name’s meaning, pronunciation and what gender it’s for, you can also view a map of its origin(s) and see charts of the name’s popularity over the years (back to year 1880!).You can also create favorites lists, which can be quite handy when you and your spouse can’t agree on any names. This free app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

2. Contraction Timer: Did you know that even when you are about to go into the delivery room, you can still use mobile app to help you out? This Contraction Timer app that will help you time how long and how frequent your contractions are when going into labor. You can easily tab “start” and “stop,” so whoever is around you (your doctor, your partner, etc.) can get an idea of the time of each contraction, their durations and the intervals between them to best assist you if you need help. This app is only available on Android platforms. 

3. BabyBump Pregnancy: This app does it all! From forums to photo albums the BabyBump Pregnancy app has you covered from conception to birth. Record baby’s kicks, track your weight and contractions, and even shop at the BabyBump store. You can connect to other expectant mothers to discuss everything you are going through! This app is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms. 

4. Baby Pool: The Baby Pool app, available on iOS, allows you and your friends to place bets on when you think your baby will be born, your baby's name, gender, and weight. You can pass your phone around to let your friends make their guesses or invite them to join a group through the app.  This way you can have your friends join in on anticipating your bundle of joy!

5. mPregnancy This hilarious app was made especially for the partner in your life who is not pregnant but is anticipating the birth just as much. It is available on iOS for $0.99. It offers useful information about pregnancy, including prenatal development and tips to make pregnancy more enjoyable! The funny pictures and witty writing will keep you and your spouse entertained while you're learning more about your pregnancy! 




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