Is It Safe to Massage Your Baby Bump?

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Giving your bump a little massage is perfectly safe as long as you know how and when to do it.

Why massage your bump?

Besides the fact that it feels great? It’s relaxing, relieves aches, boosts circulation and helps deepen your bond with baby.


We recommend avoiding massaging your bump during the first trimester. During the second and third trimester, it’s perfectly safe to massage your belly as long as you use soft strokes.


You can always massage your bump by yourself or have your partner participate. Getting your partner involved will increase his or her bond to the baby and to you. Also, having someone else massage you allows you to completely relax! Another great way to relax is by getting a prenatal massage, which can relieve backaches and tension on weight-bearing joints.  Make sure to find a massage therapist that offers prenatal specific massages so you can feel comfortable knowing they are knowledgeable about your needs.

What you’ll need?

Use oils (such as safflower oil, jojoba oil, baby oil, etc.) instead of lotion as lotion tends to dry out quickly.  You can also consider using an oil that will help you avoid stretch marks.

You may need pillows to help prop you up or to get comfortable.  Sit on your bed or a couch with a couple of pillows behind your back.  Laying on your back for long periods of time is not recommended since you may become feel faint and it can interfere with blood flow to your baby.

Where to start?

You can begin at the sides of your belly and move your hands slowly in a circular motion towards the center of your belly and then down towards your pubic bone.  Then you can reverse the motion towards the side of your belly.  You should avoid using any firm pressure on your bump or groin.

Whether you are massaging your belly by yourself, having your partner give a hand, or receiving a massage from a professional, remember to relax and enjoy yourself!

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