Five Maternity Fashion Tips

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We think maternity clothes should highlight your bump not hide it! Here are some of our tips to help you stay comfortable and chic during your pregnancy.

1. Don’t Break the Bank: There are probably items in your closet that you will be able to get mileage out of during your pregnancy.  Look around for stretchy bottoms, dresses and shirts. Keep in mind that even though you’ll probably end up buying items for your pregnancy, you shouldn’t have to stop wearing them as soon as your baby has arrived.  When purchasing maternity wear, choose items that have a similar silhouette to items you already know and love and use accessories and jewelry  to get more wear out of your outfits.

2. Stripes: This pattern is oh-so-flattering and is great in tops and dresses.  Horizontal lines in particular have a slimming effect! It's a common misconception that vertical stripes (not horizontal) stripes are most flattering. In reality, horizontal stripes highlight your waist and therefore draw the eye to the smallest part of your body! Stripes can act as a neutral if you play them up with solid colors so that means you’ll get more wear out of these pieces. Try pairing a striped top with colorful accessories to make an ordinary top and jeans pop (no pun intended)! You can even mix neutral stripes like black and white with other prints, like floral!

3. Belts: Put a belt on it! Whether you’re wearing a flowy tunic top or a roomy maxi dress, a belt is the perfect accessory to highlight your bump. You can take a simple dress and accentuate your waist by adding a belt. Alternatively, you can place the belt below your bump to really emphasize your growing bump. Belts are also great for stretching the pieces in your wardrobe, you can switch up a belt on a neutral dress and make it look like a whole new outfit! Make sure to find belts with some elastic in them so you can keep wearing them throughout your pregnancy.

4. Belly Band: This stretchy cotton band that fits around your belly will allow your bump to grow while keeping you comfortable in your pre-pregnancy clothing! Not only does this band make all your regular pants into maternity pants, it also keeps all those shirts that ride up from exposing your belly, and keeps you warm in the winter. This is a must-have accessory for any expecting mom looking to stretch her current wardrobe, pun intended!  

5. Empire waists: What a flattering silhouette that allows you to show off your bump! This silhouette that cuts at the smallest part of your waist comes in shirts, dresses, and tunics. You can belt this look under your belly or at your waist for extra bump emphasis. Maxi dresses with empire waists are roomy so they can be worn during and after your pregnancy when you’re nursing.  Another great thing about empire waist dresses? They can be dressed up or down for night or day!

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