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We sat down with FitBump founder, Kira Kohrherr and editor in chief, Ingrid Skjong to discuss pregnancy activewear and exercise. Exercise is a vital part of a healthy pregnancy and just because you have a bump doesn’t mean you should compromise on comfort and style in your activewear. Kira gave us the scoop on her inspiration for creating the FitBump-wear that easily transitions with your changing body during pregnancy. Ingrid gave her tips on staying active during pregnancy, even if it’s your first time exercising.

(Ingrid, left, and Kira, right, both in FitBump-wear)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your inspiration for creating FitBump.

​KIRA: ​I’ve run a PR agency for seven years in NYC. After working on mommy/baby, fitness and lifestyle brands, I saw that there was a new generation of active, information-hungry pregnant women whose needs are not fully being met. ​I wanted to create a company where moms could learn, share and shop all in one place. Our mission is to help women make mindful, educated,​ healthy choices from pregnancy into motherhood.

What makes FitBump activewear different from activewear that is not created especially for expectant mothers?

​KIRA: Women face a unique dilemma during pregnancy. “My body is constantly changing. What do I wear to meet my needs?” Our activewear adjusts as a woman’s body changes throughout pregnancy. Our offerings are made from high-tech performance fabrics and are designed in a way that is specifically transitional. These pieces will take a woman on her journey from pre-pregnancy to nine months and back to her pre-baby weight.

Why is it so important to expectant mothers to stay active while pregnant?

INGRID: Movement is an excellent pregnancy partner. Exercise can help alleviate symptoms like back pain, prevent excess weight gain and improve sleep. It can decrease the risk of developing conditions like gestational diabetes. It keeps the body strong and prepared for birth. And an increasing number of scientific studies are showing that a baby in utero can benefit from regular workouts as much as a mother. Staying active during pregnancy helps turn the nine-month stretch into a positive experience versus something to simply get through—and it feels good!

Should women who are active prior to pregnancy change their routine once they are expecting? Are there exercises that are better to do while pregnant?

INGRID: A healthy, active woman having a healthy, normal pregnancy can essentially continue what she was doing before becoming pregnant. Modifications, however, definitely come into play: Some runners, for instance, migrate to the elliptical machine for a no-impact alternative; contact-heavy workouts like kick boxing are normally put on hold; working the core changes focus from the front of the body to the sides. One area that pregnant women should pay close attention to is the pelvic floor and its 20 muscles, which helps to support a pregnancy and to facilitate the birth process. We work with experts on that specific region regularly.

Do you have any tips for women who have never exercised but want to start when they become pregnant? 

INGRID: I think the most important thing to remember is that never having exercised before doesn’t mean a woman can—or should—do nothing when they become pregnant. Listen to your body, discuss questions with your doctor and realize that every bit of movement you can do is beneficial. Take the stairs when it makes sense. Look for opportunities to walk more. Give a few simple exercises like squats a try. The power of even a little bit of extra movement shouldn’t be underestimated.

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