Halloween Costumes For Your Bump

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With Halloween right around the corner we are getting excited about all the costumes, trick-or-treating, and parties. Being pregnant during Halloween means a built in accessory, if you know how to use it! Here are the types of costumes we think you should consider when you’re trying to incorporate your growing bump!

Couples’ Costumes

After all, you and your partner are going through this pregnancy together so why not have some fun dressing up together?

Whether you are a pumpkin patch and a scarecrow or a baker and a bun in the oven, we love creative, homemade costume ideas.


The Solar System and Galileo: You could also have a toddler be a planet or the moon.

Farmer and Cow: You can also have a little one participate by dressing up as another farm animal or as a little calf! For moms who have been through breastfeeding before, this hits close to home.

Get the Kids Involved

Halloween is a ton of fun with little ones around since you can take them trick-or-treating, to fairs, and parties. Here are some costumes that pairs your little ones and your bump!

Despicable Me Team: As an expectant mom, your growing bump can act as Vector’s (orange jumpsuit) round belly! Your little ones and partner can be Gru, minions, or Gru’s adorable daughters.


Lil’ Peanut and Elephant: Super easy for mom to put together and still fun for older brother or sister!

Make It Funny

With a bump as an accessory, there are tons of ways to play it up funny or topical costumes. Whether your bump is painted like a pumpkin, or you use it to represent something else, here are some fun ideas to consider.

Thing 1, Thing 2: This is one creative mama! Who’s better than Dr. Seuss?

Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”: Sleek, easy to put together and topical!

Spooky and Scary

If you enjoy the creepy and crawly aspects of Halloween, use your bump to shock and scare your friends! We can’t decide if these costumes are hilarious or downright terrifying!

What is scarier than this? By using doll arms and a tiny jack-o-lantern with some red paint you can make it look like your little one is coming out a little earlier than expected.

Sometimes pregnancy feels so strange and new that we sometimes question if we are growing a baby or an alien. This is the perfect costume to express that feeling!

No Costume, No Problem

If you don’t have the time to put together a full outfit but still want to get into the holiday spirit check out these fun t-shirts:


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