The Truth About Pregnancy

There are some things you just expect during pregnancy. Morning sickness will happen in the morning. You'll crave pickles & ice cream.  Then, suddenly, you're expecting, and you realize this is all totally false.  We just completed our first "40 weeks" since conception (woohoo!) and wanted to share with you our list of what really happens during pregnancy. 

In celebration of our first 40 weeks, enter below to win a 12-pack of Bundle Organics juices and a $250 gift certificate – a little something from us to help you get through your 40 weeks!  We would love to hear your #PregnancyTruths on FacebookInstagram or Twitter!




November 11, 2014 by Bundle Organics
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Andrea Merrill

Andrea Merrill said:

Love bundle Organics, tried it at a baby show, and it was great!


Saniel said:

Great giveaway so many things going on during this stage and you also got to prepare for a child coming in the world. Thanks


Jayne said:

Thanks for this opportunity! I just wanted to say that my twitter has a different email than what I entered with & I wasn’t given an option to add my twitter name. I do follow you.

Mina K.

Mina K. said:

I love to win the Bundle Organic Juices!!


Hannah said:

month 9- the moment your maternity clothes are no longer comfortable and you’re now making outfits from your husbands side of the closet.

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons said:

So glad I an across this website. love all the information, products & giveaways!

Bundle Organics

Bundle Organics said:

Thanks for the feedback everyone! And great #pregnancytruth @Hannah! We’ll be sure to share it on our social media.

Co-Founder of Bundle Organics


kelly said:

I wanna win everything

joe conti

joe conti said:

very nice

jane jakins

jane jakins said:


Tina P.

Tina P. said:

would love to win-amazing!

Erica Pallutch

Erica Pallutch said:

where could we find the lucky winner? Thanks so much!

Bundle Organics

Bundle Organics said:

Congrats to Kyra F. who won the 12-pack of juices and $250 gift certificate!

Thank you all for participating!!


Karishma said:

I think everyone would bneefit from some sort of meditation a daily period where we unwind and let our thoughts go. I also love watching a really sappy movie like Steel Magnolias where a good cry at the end is somehow cathartic. BTW Some of the last scenes in the movie Armageddon where Bruce Willis pushes the nuclear bomb detonator and where his life flashes before his eye make me cry every single time the power of his self sacrifice for mankind. Wait a minute that’s what Jesus did too!!! Worship is a necessary part of every day of my life.

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