The Pregnancy Food Pyramid

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Eating while pregnant can be confusing, frustrating, and sometimes boring. Your needs are different when you’re expecting then at any other time. It used to be that eating for two was truly doubling your pre-pregnancy diet but the rules have changed. It is recommended that an expectant mother consume her regular diet during her first trimester with no additional calories. During her second trimester eating an additional 350 calories is recommended, and during her third trimester an extra 500 calories is recommended.

Unhealthy 350 calories:
Small french fry: 350 calories


Healthy 350 calories: 

1 medium apple: 95 calories
2 ½ tablespoons of almond butter: 255 calories



 Unhealthy 500 calories:

1 Plain bagel: 360 calories
4 tablespoons of cream cheese: 136 calories





Healthy 500 calories: 

1 whole grain toast: 120 calories
1 avocado: 230 calories
1/3 cup of shredded cheddar or mozzarella: 150 calories


You can eat more at each meal or add in a healthy snack. Here’s a pregnancy specific food pyramid that will help you figure out what types of food to eat and where to add the extra calories you need. As you’ll see the pyramid features nutrient-packed foods like fruits and vegetables, not bagels and fries! 

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