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Pregnancy is the best time to organize your life so that when the baby arrives it is less overwhelming. You can reap in the rewards when your bundle of joy is taking all of your attention and energy! Here are some tips for where to start when you’re looking to prepare for your baby’s arrival:

Tip Number 1: Freeze meals

One thing you will definitely be happy you did before baby arrives is cook meals that you can freeze and then reheat as you please. It may seem very time consuming to prep several meals that you won’t be eating for a few months but there is a way to make it a bit easier. Find recipes with overlapping ingredients so that you are prepping for multiple meals at once. Soups, lasagnas, stews, quiche, casseroles, and so many more satisfying meals can be easily frozen and thawed when ready.

Tip Number 2: Make space in the kitchen

How can such a little person have so much stuff? Bottles and breast pump parts take up a lot more room than one would think. Make sure to clear space on the counter and in cabinets for the items you’ll be using daily once your baby arrives. You’ll want to make sure bottles are easily accessible. It’s also helpful to have them by the sink since you’ll be cleaning the bottles as much as your little one is sucking them down. To save yourself some hassle you may want to get a bin where you can keep all baby equipment in one place. 

Tip Number 3: Stock up on snacks

Clean out your refrigerator, the jar of unidentifiable goop is not going to be eaten any time soon. Clear it out so you can stock up on essentials like milk and eggs so you don’t have to worry about it once the baby arrives. Clean out your pantry as well so you can make room for snacks that can be eaten with one hand. Nuts, protein bars, and whole grain snacks are great for filling up on important nutrients without hassle. Don’t forget your Bundle Organics juices, they pack vitamins and nutrients that are great when you are breastfeeding as well!

Tip Number 4: Make space out of nothing

Storing diapers, clothes, and toys can be a challenge, especially when space is limited. Try finding a crib with space underneath so items can be stored in bins for easy access. Look for furniture that works for you. There are dressers with changing tables built in but you can also customize your furniture so that it works for your space. Try using a small basket for dirty clothes and place it near the changing table for easy access.

Tip Number 5: Get rid of unnecessary clutter

Do you really need that box of stuff in the closet that you haven’t touched since you moved in? Probably not. You will need that space for everything that having a baby brings along: clothes, toys, bottles, diapers, stroller, etc. If you have stacks of magazines that you never read or clutter on your counters, try to get rid of it before the baby arrives.

Tip Number 6: Clean thoroughly but don’t go overboard

It’s a good idea to clean your house before the baby arrives since you won’t have much time to clean once the baby arrives. You’ll want to make sure there isn’t excess dust or pet hair. Avoid harsh cleaning products as they may contain harmful or irritating chemicals. Try brands that are chemical-free or baby approved, we like Babyganics, Honest Company, and Method products.


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