Valentine’s Day Guide for Expecting Parents

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Sometimes it’s hard to get into a romantic mood when you’re pregnant. Going out can be stressful and sometimes less than romantic because of the crowds. Here are some tips for making the most of your romantic evening even if you choose to spend it at home.

  • Check your cellphones at the door: A lot of phones have the option to place a do not disturb and allow certain numbers that will still come through (for emergencies). Take this opportunity to focus your undivided attention on one another.
  • Get a sitter: If you already have kids and your plan is to cook dinner at home, make sure the sitter can arrive before you start cooking so that you can focus on preparing the meal rather than on taking care of the kids. It’s ideal if your sitter can take the kids out of the house as you may be tempted to check-in on them during your date.
  • Dress up: We often get into a routine of dressing down during pregnancy, but putting on something nice can be a nice surprise and definitely turns up the romance.
  • Indulging on cravings: Seventy-five to 90% of expecting moms experience cravings and aversions. Indulging in your cravings can be a fun and delicious way to spend Valentine’s Day -- even if pickles, ice cream, and hot wings are the furthest thing from the typical Valentine’s dinner!
  • Spice up the setting: If you choose to stay home, set out a tablecloth, candles, and flowers. If you dine out, you can splurge and have flowers or a special gift waiting on the table (your partner will enjoy flowers too!)

Our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for expecting moms:

Flowers and chocolates are great, but here are a few gift ideas to pass on to your partner to make this year extra special.

  • Prenatal massage: Make sure to find a place that offers a special prenatal massage as it’s important that they know how to position the expecting mom and have the right pregnancy-safe products to use.
  • Pedicure: A foot rub is great at anytime but is especially luxurious during pregnancy when those feet disappear for months.
  • A basket of relaxation: Fuzzy slippers, a cozy robe, bubble bath, body oils, a sound machine, etc. All things that will help soothe stress and aid in some much needed relaxation.
  • Cleaning service: Okay, not the most obviously romantic gift but pregnancy can be exhausting! Having a cleaning service to come in would allow for some much needed relaxation knowing the household chores are taken care of.

What should you get your partner? Perhaps a framed photo from a maternity shoot, a present that celebrates your due date, or the name you’ve chosen for your baby. In particular, we love this framed photo of an ultrasound with a special message (below). 

Celebrate your pregnancy with these Valentine’s Day cards:



Checkout more Valentine’s Day cards here made especially for expecting couples.

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