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We want to share your pregnancy stories! How did you choose your baby’s name? Send us an email at info@bundleorganics.com or tag us on social media at Bundle Organics, and use #NameMyBundle.
Here's a ‪#‎NameMyBundle‬ story from Meg and Ari:


When my husband Ari and I found out I was pregnant with our first child we decided not to find out the sex. With this came a lot of obvious excitement and anticipation, but also a lot of extra "work" on our part to prepare for a little one without knowing what he/she would turn out to be!
With having to choose a name for both possible sexes, we started right away on the brainstorming. Car rides that seemed to last a lifetime or even quick trips to visit family an hour or two away quickly became "baby name brainstorming trips". We would see street signs or town names along the way and it would spark a ton of new ideas! 
Thankfully, we were quick to choose a girl’s name which helped us focus and then it was time to land upon what the boy name would be. We didn’t have a lot of time with the due date quickly approaching but none of the names we seemed to acquire were hitting me as the "one". 
Then one late Summer day during the week, my husband called me with a new idea for a name. "I got it, I got the name for our boy." he said. "Mercer!"  Being that his office is in Soho, NYC (near Mercer St.) he was able to come up with a unique name that I hadn't heard before but that wasn't so outlandish that people with gawk at the sound of it. This was the one: Mercer. I loved it right away! How funny, I thought, that we had been driving for miles and miles all Spring and Summer when all along the perfect name for our son was right in our backyard. 



Here’s how Bundle Organics customer Lisa Z. named her son:

We both loved my husband’s grandfather’s name, Henry. We kept coming back to Henry because it was seriously the only name we even remotely agreed on… Nothing else came close to making the cut so we probably shouldn't have any more kids until we can agree on another! Also, I took it as a sign that our favorite pizza from our favorite restaurant is called “Enrico,” which is an Italian version of Henry.


Here's a great ‪#‎NameMyBundle‬ story from Sarah C. from San Carlos, CA:

We got Lyla's name from a TV show. I'm not so proud of that, but there it is. We've always liked watching TV shows together, blowing through seasons on Netflix or Amazon. Before I got pregnant, one of the shows we watched was Friday Night Lights (highly recommend it) One of the main characters is called Lyla and neither of us had ever heard it before. We both loved it right away, and it was at the top of our baby name lists. We went through the exercise of making name lists and went through them, but Lyla was the clear winner. It can also be spelled Lila, but to me that's like Sara and Sarah- it's just not right.

Lyla's middle name is Grace. Apparently if any of my brothers had been a girl, their name would have been Grace. Growing up I disliked the name, but now it seemed fitting for the middle name since it hadn't been a easy road to have her.

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