Do You Need to Drink More Fluids While Breastfeeding?

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Guest blogger: Wendy Wright, is the founder and lactation consultant of the 16 Minute Club.


When it comes to fluids and breastfeeding, it can be tricky to figure how much you need to keep a healthy milk supply. Too little fluids can mess with your milk production, but on the other hand, too many fluids can also decrease your supply. So how do you know how much to drink?

The best way to know if you need to drink more fluids is through your thirst and urine. If you are constantly thirsty, then obviously you need more fluids. Also, your urine should be clear or pale yellow throughout the day. Having dark urine means you need to up your fluid intake. Other signs of dehydration can show themselves as tiredness, lethargy, and hunger. Aim to drink a glass of water every time you sit down to feed.

There are other healthy beverages that can help keep you hydrated, as well. Of course, water should be your top drink. Low fat milk and fruit and vegetable juices are also a good choice. Avoid too much caffeine, since it can affect your mood and agitate your baby and their sleep.

Most importantly, always have a bottle of water wherever you go. Not a fan of plain water? No worries. Add some slices of lemon and cucumber for tastier water. Adding a few frozen strawberries or raspberries in your bottle of water is also a refreshing choice. You can quickly throw one of these water concoctions in your diaper bag to keep your thirst in check while you are out and about.


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