5 tips for throwing a Pinterest-worthy baby shower that won’t break the bank

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In charge of hosting a baby shower? Here are some budget-friendly tips on pulling together an impressive event that will wow the mom-to-be and baby shower guests.

1. Stick With The Theme

First, consult with the mama-to-be on general ideas, colors and preferences she has for the party. Then, decide on an overall theme in terms of color palette and motif. Planning is often easier with just one or two colors (e.g., green) and one motif (safari). Once decided, stick to the theme for all choices, including invitations, decorations and partyware. A consistent look is the key for creating the “wow” moment when guests enter the party. Also, the theme guides purchasing decisions to avoid the trap of buying anything that looks “cute” and baby-shower related!

2. Use Online Invitations

Online invitations are not only a perfectly acceptable way to get the word out about the shower, but they are also more time, cost and environmentally efficient. Online invitations allow tracking and discrete ways to indicate baby registries and gift preferences. Ensure that the invitation choice matches the theme of the party. As a nice gesture, print out a color copy of the invitation for the mama-to-be to archive in a baby book.

3. Nix the Flowers

Flowers, though beautiful, often add significant cost to the budget. Consider using other materials for decoration. We love natural-looking materials like leaves or fruit. Other ideas include glass jars, books, candles, balloons, tissue pom-poms, blocks and streamers. Basically, anything is possible if there is a consistency and uniformity with the layout of the objects.

4. Get the Most Out of Party Favors

Party favors can also double duty as place cards and decorations for the party. Favor ideas include edible gifts in jars or muslin bags, succulents, totes and candles. Coordinate packaging with the theme and attach a tag with the guest’s name on to the favor.

5. Request Book Gifts

A book is a wonderful add-on gift to help build baby’s library...and can also double as decorations for the party. Reach out to guests in advance to request that they bring one book to the shower in the theme (e.g., animals). Display the books near the gift area or in an area that needs a bit of decoration! Want to see these tips in action? Black Twine is launching a Baby Shower Party Blueprint on the site in February.

 EDIT 2/22/17: Black Twine's Baby Shower Party Blueprint has been launched! Check it out here.

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