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If you’re expecting a baby and want to choose a name that works for a boy or a girl look no further. We have collected our favorite gender neutral names from the top lists of the past few years to help inspire you!


This name was originally a surname meaning “Son of Adam”. Now it is becoming popular as a name for both boys and girls. We love the nickname “Addy,” for when they are younger.


Charlie can be a nickname from Charlotte or Charles and it is also becoming more popular as a full first name. We can imagine a little Charlie as a boy or girl and we love it!

Frances (Frankie)

Like the name “Charlie” the name Frankie is growing popular as a full name but can also be the nickname of Frank, Frances, or Francesca. 


Despite the association with motorcycles this name has a much softer meaning, “from a hare’s meadow”. The more we hear the name we love picturing it for a newborn baby girl or boy.


Traditionally, this is primarily a name for boys but this name was popularized as a girl’s name in 2015 by celebrity couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Since then the name has soared on baby name lists. 


We love that this name means “gift”, so fitting for a newborn baby girl or boy! The spelling of Jesse varies, some people prefer "Jessie" for a girl and "Jesse" for a boy. This name can be a nickname for Jessica.


This name brings to mind leadership and may remind you only of the surname but Kennedy means “protected leader”. 


Traditionally, Maxwell, has been used for baby boys alone but in recent years the name is being given to precious baby girls as well.  We love that this name, meaning "great stream", has a great nickname, Max. 


This name is climbing in popularity for both boys and girls. Surprisingly, this name, coming from a location in Sussex, England, started out as a female only name but has been popularized as a boys name recently, partially in thanks to football star, Peyton Manning.


This Irish name that means “valiant” is currently in the top 50 names for both boy and girl baby names. We can imagine little baby Riley now!


The origins of this name are easy to guess, it means “tailor” but not easy to guess is whether it is more popular for boys or girls. Despite Taylor Swift’s global popularity, the name is still slightly more popular for boys, although the gap is closing quickly.

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