New Year: New and Expecting Mom Essentials Giveaway!

Bundle Organics is teaming up with Hatch Baby, 4moms, and Babyganics to bring you a bundle of prizes perfect for any expecting or new mom, valued over $850!  Enter below for your chance to win! 

New Year New and Expecting Mom Essentials Giveaway!
January 14, 2016 by Bundle Organics
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Alyssa Tackett

Alyssa Tackett said:

Considering I love all these products, winning all this would be awesome!


melinda said:

I don’t want to sound like a beger I have always done well for myself and my children. And my husband has let me be a sysy at home mother for the last ten months . I have 5 children a 10 year old a 9 year old a 6 year old and a ten month old and a 20 day old newborn . well recently three days before Christmas we lost our home and are now moving in with my father . the stress caused me to go in to premature labor . like I said I’m not begging but if you could help us out with some baby supplies I would appreciate it so much. I’m struggling to make ends met but the only thing is my ends are not enough please if anything anything will help . and if not thank you anyways . Melinda .

Amanda Chavez

Amanda Chavez said:

Fingers crossed!

Jane Ponilas

Jane Ponilas said:

Hope to win this prices for my twins.. thanku for this chances..

McCartney Ford

McCartney Ford said:

Would be so incredibly grateful to win this, our daughter was born 7+ weeks early on December 13th and still isn’t even suppose to be born for a few days! She is the most amazingly strong little girl I know and has made it though ever obstacle she needed to to go home from the NICU, since she was so early we didn’t have everything we needed for her ready yet plus the swing in the prize package is the same chair they use for the babies at the hospital that are in NICU and I know it would really help my daughter being in it again, since as a preemie it’s the only swing/chair/soother she can be in and there’s no way we could afford it…all we use on her is Babyganics though and we LOVE the company!! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Good luck to all the Mamma’s!??

Kiara Colon

Kiara Colon said:

Love your products, can’t wait to see if we win anything for our rainbow son! <3

Jessica Gourley

Jessica Gourley said:

Heard about you from babyganics and can’t wait to see if your products are at our local Babies R Us!

Laura Ventura

Laura Ventura said:

This would be amazing to win! Please pick me! I would never be abkento afford it otherwise!

Audra McElyea

Audra McElyea said:

I am on bedrest right now and this would make life so much better right now ?

Jillian Neibaur

Jillian Neibaur said:

Great giveaway! Crossing my fingers to win!

Katie rylko

Katie rylko said:

Love your profucts!

Amanda Mohr

Amanda Mohr said:

This would be an amazing package to win for my first baby! We already plan on using as many organic products as possible for our little one!

Maegan Dawson

Maegan Dawson said:

Please please, pick me!!


Meghan said:

This would be so fun to win.


Jamie said:

4yr cancer survivor and we are adopting a baby girl 2/9. Anything would help.

Mayra Rodriguez

Mayra Rodriguez said:

Would love these for my newborn!

Katie Rylko

Katie Rylko said:

Love your products and would love to win!


Quin said:

Good luck to all !

Gabrielle Henderson

Gabrielle Henderson said:

Love these products. Would be perfect for new baby due in July!


Alyssa said:

Awesome giveaway!

Elizabeth G Granado

Elizabeth G Granado said:

Fingers Crossed! ;)


Jessica said:

Any of these prizes would be perfect for my sweet little baby boy soon to be born in the upcoming weeks.

Wanda Tracey

Wanda Tracey said:

It would be awesome to win this fabulous and spectacular giveaway! Thank you for the chance.Love to win this for my new grandson. :)


ruth said:

I love all this products ?

Lindsay B.C.

Lindsay B.C. said:

I love the bundle organics site!!!!
Really good quality and so much more healthy!
One less thing to worry about and so conveinent!! Love,love,loveit!!!!!

Laurie B

Laurie B said:

Thanks for the chance to win.

Corey Matting

Corey Matting said:

Love 4moms products and super excited to try products by Hatch baby, Bundle Organics and Babyganics! I’m a first time mom and would be lost without amazing companies like these!! Thank you for all you do!!

Jessica Scott

Jessica Scott said:

Would love to win!!!!


Anastasiya said:

I hope I can win

Ashley Farnham

Ashley Farnham said:

Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!


Charleen said:

I’m gonna be a mom for the first time, so excited about the new technology that’s out there to use to make being a parent so much fun for you and the baby. #2016babies


Dana said:

New mom to be :) due June 12th,2016 with a beautiful baby boy!

Jennifer Kuzoff

Jennifer Kuzoff said:

i would love to win This for my sister in law!

Courtney Rivers

Courtney Rivers said:

What an awesome giveaway! Would love to win!

Thasneem noordeen

Thasneem noordeen said:

I would love to win this ! Would be a great help


Kelly said:

Hope to win!

Louis Willhauck, Jr.

Louis Willhauck, Jr. said:

Be really nice to win. Thanks


Brooke said:

This would be amazing to have for our new baby we’re expecting!

Leah Gunther

Leah Gunther said:

What an offer!!! Fingers crossed!


Bjana said:

Super excited! Awesome products!


Shauri said:

This would be amazing! Baby Theo due April 2016! Yay!


Chelsea said:

The links for BundleOrganics & Hatch baby are not working & I searched for those companies on FB & they are not coming up.


Caitlin said:

Wow best giveaway I’ve see yet! I have been wanting to buy a MamaRoo for my baby boy-to-be for a while now too this package looks and sounds amazing!

Rose Reeder

Rose Reeder said:

Great since I watch Grandkids

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons said:

trying to play the sweepstake and follow on instagram but it wont let me log in by instagram or follow I followed under the instagram angela.simmons41and had to do it manually. if you can can you please fix those entries for me thanks ;)

Lorenzo Glover

Lorenzo Glover said:


Alexandra Ramirez

Alexandra Ramirez said:

First-time mom and i would really appreciate this!!!!


ruth said:

I love babyganics I use the diapers and the wipes is the best product


Lindsay said:

Thanks for the giveaway! This would be SUCH a great help as we have our third baby in a couple of months!

jen Whalen

jen Whalen said:

what a great gift for a family

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