New Trends in Baby Names

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New Trends in Baby Names for 2016



Strong Feminine Names

The female voice is being heard, and it’s getting louder and louder! Women are becoming equal partners in all spheres and scopes, whether it’s science, technology, politics or show business. Important women have always been an inspiration to others throughout history, and baby names are no exception to the rule. In 2016, parents will honor strong, dignified women by choosing baby names such as Margaret, Mary, Eleanor, Barbara, Elizabeth, or Anna.

Names from the Nerdy World

Nerdy names became trendy a few years ago, especially as the hype of The Big Bang Theory TV show grew. All of sudden, scientists with sexy brains were in. The popularity of these names died down for a little, but it’s all coming back now with more and more action, fantasy, adventure and superhero culture. Blame it on George Lucas, Disney or the Marvel Universe - one way or another, in 2016, watch out for names such as Clark, Bruce, Ender, Kal, Leia, Luke, Anakin, Tony, Natasha or Thor.

In the Name of Mother Nature

Becoming more and more aware of the current condition of the Earth is part our lives now. Many soon-to-be parents believe that taking care of the environment and better preservation of natural sources will benefit the planet, as well as its plants, animals and people. In 2016, this trend will reflect in the usage of names associated with nature: Ocean, River, Rain, Sierra, Saffron, Sage, Flower, Breeze, Dawn, Lotus, Olive, Maple, or Cedar.

Names Ending in -anna and -er

Seems like we’ve had enough of gender neutral – the year 2016 introduces a new baby naming trend that honors and enjoys the difference between men and women, boys and girls, masculine and feminine – at least grammatically. Etymologically, names ending in -anna/-ana have always been considered very feminine, and names ending in -er/-or served on the masculine side of the spectrum. Thus get ready for name bearers whose gender you won’t have to think too hard about – the name itself will tell: Julianna, Adriana, Mariana, Ivanna, Leanna, Viviana, Eliana, or Tatiana for girls, and Hunter, Jagger, Asher, Grainger, Connor, Trevor, Victor, Dexter, Jasper, or Carter for boys.

It’s All About Show Business

Show business rules, and we all know it. Parents get inspired by famous character names, whether it’s from books, blockbuster movies or TV shows. That’s how Aria from Pretty Little Liars skyrocketed as a baby name, and Isabella from the Twilight Saga became extremely popular. Who would ever have named their child Khaleesi before Game of Thrones? So which TV shows could influence parents’ baby name decisions in 2016? We’re thinking Alex and Liam from Quantico, Kara from Supergirl, Elliot from Mr. Robot, or Claire and Kiira from Flesh and Bone.

Guest blogger Lucie Strachonova Wisco was born and raised in the Czech Republic. She holds Master’s Degrees in Education and Psychology, & English Language and Literature. She currently works as Editor for Belly Ballot (, a social media baby naming website.


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