A Heartfelt Thanks To All of You

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Thank you to all our Kickstarter supporters for helping us make our Bundle Organics pregnancy and lactation support teas a reality!  We are truly thankful. We are assembling your rewards now and will get them out to you in early April. We’ll contact you with more information once they ship. Thank you for your patience and support!


John & Kwany


A special thank you to ... 
Aaron C.B.
Abbie C.
Adam G.
Alex P.
Alex S.
Amol D.
Ann W.
Annelise P.
Britney K.
Caroline B.
Charlene C.
Chris F.
Chris H.
Chris K.
Chris L.
Christopher G.
Christopher O.
Christopher S.
Courtney K.
Danielle G.
David K.
Doddle POP – Clean Pacifier
Donna S.
Fernando P.
Flynn M.O.
Francisco R.
Greg H.
Heidi B.
Jacob M.
Jason C.
Jennifer P.
Jennings M.
Jeremy H.
Jill B.
John H.
Katherine F.
Kathryn K.
Kelly D.
Kevin L.
Kim F.
Kristen J.
Kristen M.
Laura W.
Libby H.
Louisa M.
Magda L.
Manjari G.
Mark S.
Megan Z.
Melissa A.
Michael S.
Nancy H.
Neha D.
Patricia G.
Rick M.
Robert L.
Robyn M.
Ruth G. M.
Sara D.
Sara G.
Saurabh S.
Stacy C.
Stephanie C.
Susan G.
Tammy C.
Thomas C.
Tony S.
Wendy R.
William E.
Bundle News

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