Prenatal Yoga

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Did you know that prenatal yoga can help you prepare for childbirth? Prenatal yoga reduces stress and anxiety, and improves sleep. It also prepares expecting moms for labor by increasing the strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles. Not to mention, it also  decreases the risk of prenatal depression, back pain, headache, nausea, and carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Get that mat out, mamas!  

Prenatal Yoga


When attending a yoga class, be sure to tell your instructor that you’re pregnant and they can help suggest modifications. Here’s a few few watch-outs while doing yoga during your pregnancy.  


  • Hold the pose for too long
  • Overstretch
  • Do deep twists
  • Do forward bends
  • Jump
  • Do inversions
  • Lie flat on your belly
  • Lie on your back more than 5 minutes


  • Breathe, relax, focus
  • Go your own pace
  • Use supports, such as blankets, chairs, the wall
  • Cat-cow pose, to get the baby into optimal position for birth.
  • Knee Rocking warm up, it helps relieve any discomfort in your hips and pelvic area.
    • How To: Sit in a cross-legged position with one leg on top, and then cradle it with both arms lifting it towards your chest and abdomen. Sit straight while you hold your leg as high and close to you as possible, if you need support sitting up straight lean against the wall. Then, move from the hip joint as if you are rocking a baby. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Healthy Sitting on the Floor pose, it helps reduce lower back strain.
    • How To: Sit on the floor with your entire back resting against the wall for support. If you need help keeping your spine straight use a cushion or folded blanket.


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