Dark Berry Veggies Organic Prenatal Juice


This dream team of super fruits (packed with the antioxidant power of dark berries) and veggies (Yes, you read that correctly. There’s spinach and kale up in here!) add some much needed pow! to your morning, afternoon, evening or I-just-need-to-rest-my-feet-time.

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what's in this?    

Folic acid:  There’s a good reason doctors are enthusiastic about folic acid. It works wonders, helping with cell growth and development. 

Calcium:  Your little one needs calcium to build nervous, muscular and circulatory systems. So build, baby, build! 

Vitamin D:  Promotes calcium absorption for healthy bone growth, so there’s no stopping your little Hercules-in-training!

Iron:  Your need for iron doubles during pregnancy. Why? It’s an important component of hemoglobin, which ensures your body is carrying enough oxygen to your placenta.

Omega-3:  The smart stuff! Omega-3 fatty acids support baby’s brain and eye development.

Dark berries:  Those mighty, mighty berries are packed with that oh-so-necessary vitamin C for baby’s immune system, potassium for baby’s heart and even folate to protect against birth defects. 

Spinach: A folic acid wonder, spinach is also a rich source of beta carotene, which the body can easily convert to vitamin A (it’s recommended women increase their vitamin A intake by 40% when pregnant and by 90% when breastfeeding). Not to mention it’s also packed with potassium and manganese – a heart healthy must-have.

:  Packs more iron per calorie than beef, more calcium per calorie than milk and ten times more vitamin C than spinach! And we haven’t even talked folic acid. Can you say super food?


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