nausea relief tea:
organic citrus ginger

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what's in this?

smooth and mellow with citrusy ginger goodness.

ORANGE PEEL + LEMON PEEL: contain vitamin C to strengthen the immune system, refreshing flavor to soothe morning sickness, and folate to help healthy cell growth and development

GINGER: naturally reduces the symptoms of nausea
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USDA organic

our teas contain only high quality certified-organic ingredients.

naturally caffeine-free

our teas contain only naturally caffeine-free tea leaves and ingredients so you can sip worry-free.

non-herbal ingredients

pregnant women are advised to avoid herbs, so our pregnancy teas are made with only whole-food based ingredients.

blended by Harney & Sons

we partnered with these master tea blenders to expertly craft three unique teas for moms.

OB-GYN approved

we’ve consulted with experts from leading OB-GYNs to perinatal nutritionists to make sure our teas have all the right stuff for pregnant and nursing moms.